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          Jingzhou Jianghan


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          JHSI  Silane

          Global leader in function silane

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          • Company: 江汉精细化工有限公司
          • Address: No.36,Qunli Road,Shashi Economic Technology Developing Zone,Shashi District,Jingzhou City,Hubei,China
          • Phone: +86-716-8377816/8377819
          • Fax: +86-716-8377812
          • Email: sales@jhsi.biz

          Factory panorama

                JingzhouJianghan FineChemical Co., LTD.is restructured to form a private joint-stock enterprises in 1998,located in the state-level economic and technological developing zone, JHSi nowcovers an area of 500 mu, with total assets of 1.1 billion Yuan, 680 employees,among which 6 peoplewith master degrees, 220 peoplewithcollege degree or abovein science and technology field, more than 60are intermediate or high technical research and development professionals. Itdevelops twelve major series more than 100 kinds of Silane coupling agent and Silanecrosslinking agent products. It has severalautomatic production lines withadvanced technology, a total capacity of up to 150 kt/a.

                  Since 2011, the company has been evaluated as a Hubei province’s enterprise technology center, national high-tech enterprise, top 100 private enterprises in Hubei province, the key cultivation enterprise of Hubei province science and technology type of small and mid enterprises growth roadmap. First top ten innovative enterprises in Jingzhou, industrial economy development advanced unit in Jingzhou City, "twelfth five-year" China petroleum and chemical industry outstanding private enterprises, etc.

               Over the past years,the company always adhere to the "customer first, quality first, the long-term coexistence, Shared interests" principle, established a perfect quality management system.Company management system attains the German TUV certification institution of ISO9000 / TS16949 system certification and the new ISO14001:2015 environment system certification.Getting TS16949 automotive quality system certification, to further improve the company's management level, for the company's products to a wider market achieved here, enterprises enters a rapid development period.

          ISO14001 certificateTS16949 certificateISO9001 certificate

                JHSi is the high-tech enterprises in Hubei province, the standing director unit of China association of fluorine and silicon industry, has the functionsilane of enterprise technology center, silicon Silane engineering technology research center in Hubei province. Company invests more than 30 million yuan each year for R&D, around 3.4% of sales revenue.Company has declared 65 invention patents, 6 utility model patents, 33 authorized invention patents and 6utility model patents. Company is leading in drafting and participating 11 two industry standards and national standards. The independent intellectual property products sold in 2016 accounted for 97.86% of total sales, and new products accounted for 99.5% of the share.

          High and new technology enterprisesFunctional silane Research CenterHubei Enterprise Technology Center

                Winning by quality and credibility, the company has quality control center with 28 people, nearly more than 30 sets of domestic and imported equipment costing 5 million. Test analysis,quality monitoring and control system are established from the source materials into the factory, the process control to finished product testing in the middle,to the complete set of products. The factory qualified rate reaches 100%.

                Environment is the foundation of human survival and development. The company long-term adheres to the principle of "people-oriented, environmental protection, pollution prevention", strictly implementsnational environmental protection laws and regulations, policies, standards, and the commitment to the society.The company has invested 12 million sewage harmless comprehensive processing system with processing capacity of 3750 tons/day. The processed sewage reaches national level industrial wastewater discharge standards.
                 The company is the largest investment enterprise in domestic pollution to the environment and has the most powerful anti-pollution abilityin the industryto create a harmonious production environment. JHSi sets up a foundation of a good corporate image, and implements the strategy of sustainable development.JHSi pays close attention to the factory and the surrounding environment construction. The campus is tree-lined, has cleanroadsto create the beautiful scenery, beautiful and harmonious working environment for employees.     
          Plant area greening

                JHSi long-term focuses on a particular product market segment in the manufacturing. The international leading production technology and process and individual products market share are among the global top. In December 2016, by the ministry of industry and information technology and China federation of industrial economy, the company was ranked as the first batch of China's manufacturing single champion demonstration (foster) enterprise."About print and distribute < manufacturing single champion to foster ascension special operation plan > notification" (no. 105 [2016] of the ministry of industry)

                Our company was identified as "China's fluorine silicon industry functional Silane industrialization demonstration base" by China association of fluorine silicone industry in 2017 .The companywas only one production-oriented enterprise in the two approved enterprisers by the industry association.In the same year we also were awarded the "2016 annual Chinese fluorine silicon industry top ten brand" and "2016 year China fluorine silicon industry top ten leading enterprises" title by the industry association.

          Fluorosilicone demonstration baseTop ten brands

                  The company will continue to adhere to independent innovation, take the path of sustainable development, constantly improve product technology content, promote science and technology research and development strength, develop energy-saving and environmentally friendly new products and new technologies, promote the comprehensive utilization of organic silicon resource, and realize intensive, sophisticated and large-scale development, a world famous brand of Silane.

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          Post Code:434005 Tel:0716-8377819 Fax:0716-8377812
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