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          Jingzhou Jianghan


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          Current location: Home > Human Resources
          Recruitment Message

          Human Resources Department of Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.  

                   Welcome to the website of Jianghan fine chemical co., Ltd. For your recruitment information, we are very honored to welcome you to join JHSi. In order to let you understand the company's application requirements quickly, please read the application and instructions carefully.

                (1)  Application: Please send your resume to the company's recruitment email. The common format of the email is "name +position applied." Human Resources Department will inform the person who meets the requirements of the interview, email: gao.yu@jhsi.biz. 

              (2 )Application time: After receiving the notice of interview, the applicant will come to our company for interview at 8:30. (Monday to Friday).  

                 (3) Application materials: Applicants should bring with them their identity cards, academic certificates, degree certificates, original and photocopies of professional (technical) qualifications and other relevant certificates when they attend the interview, and 1 copy of their personal resumes, which will not be returned.

                (4) Application location: Department of Human Resources, Jingzhou Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. (room 305 of Jianghan Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Office building, 36 Qunli Avenue, Shacheng District, Jingzhou City.

                (5)  Contact information: Please contact Gao Yu (Minister) on outstanding matters.

                   Address: Luochang Town, Shashi District, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province (Sha Shi Economic and technological Development Zone)

                 E-mail: gao.yu@jhsi.biz           ZIP code: 434005         Contact: 0716-8377816 ext. 8608 

                 Route: Take bus No. 69 to Dongfang Avenue (Jingji Valve Station, you can see Jianghan Fine Chemical Industry (turn right to 300 meters north to T-shaped intersection and then go to the east for 300 meters)

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